Information Services, Slovenia

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  • Product information and news for librarians and information industry professionals.
  • A research and advisory service focusing on information content strategy and use, serving a wide range of vendors, buyers, and users of information.
  • Provides electronic and print publishers political commentary, editorial cartoons and comics.
  • Global community of information professionals. Resources include interviews, commentary, and reviews.
  • Provides financial, political, and industry news and reports containing company profiles, market reports, and other analytical information for emerging markets in Europe
  • Database aggregator providing online-based information retrieval services to corporations and institutions.
  • Offers business and knowledge management solutions, and competitive intelligence. Provides web based global news and information management to help organisations improve
  • Provides free articles and content to print, online media and web sites.
  • Provides products and services for the military tactical intelligence field.
  • Provides real-time industry intelligence and analysis with database, messaging, and information delivery software.
  • UK media representative for travel and lifestyle publications.
  • Offers workflow solutions aimed at productivity. Overview of sectors in finance, healthcare, media and science, with information for investors, careers, global office
  • An online business and science news publisher for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
  • Specializes in same day delivery of press cuttings from Scottish and United Kingdom print publications. Includes details of services and testimonials.
  • Global information technology company specializes in real-time products, services and integrated solutions to businesses, helping manage operations, processes and
  • Offers solution for convenient access to emerging markets business intelligence, covering more than 80 emerging countries.
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